The Morning Banana Diet believes this special food improves digestion and aid with hunger pain.

The craze began in March of 2008 when certain Japanese celebrities began stating that they lost weight due to the Morning.

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The so-called Japanese morning banana diet has helped thousands.

However, back in 2008 the Banana Diet took a whole new shape in the form of the Morning.

Having tried it myself I found I was too hungry allot of the time and so I made some modifications to it which works better for the bigger western chap like me.The Morning Banana Diet involves eating only a banana (2.00 for a bunch) in the morning.The morning banana diet is very efficient as it exploits the nutritive properties of this underrated fruit.Niigata University School of Medicine Professor Masahiko Okada described it to be a fad diet due to lack of nutrient balance.

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Your meal plan can be quite varied on the Banana Diet, because very few foods or beverages are prohibited on this plan.

Time alerts us to a new weight-loss craze sweeping Japan and keeping Filipino fruit traders in business: the Morning Banana Diet.Today I decided to do a morning banana diet and had four medium-sized bananas at breakfast.Her husband, Hamachi, has studied traditional Chinese medicine and counseling at the Japan Body Care Academy.After all, the country is known for its campaign against obesity. One.The morning banana diet, also known as Asa-Banana Diet, comes from a husband and his wife in Japan.At lunch, however, I nibbled on a big pack of potato crisps - about 560.

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The Morning Banana Diet brings this diet to the West, slightly adapted to our foods and culture.At this point the Morning Banana Diet Journals are only open to founding members from our forums.

Lets look at this diet and see if it is an effective method for weight loss.If you value your smile, steer clear of the Morning Banana Diet.This diet was developed by Hitoshi Watanabe who has studied preventative medicine and his wife Sumiko, pharmacist by profession.Morning banana diet is characterized by the fact that the breakfast consists of a banana and warm water, and the forbidden foods are dairy products and alcohol.In the morning you eat one to two bananas followed by a glass of room temperature water.

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After Japan published the book about diet with bananas, he is a real banana-bum.This was a diet they discovered thousands of years ago and they have lean bodies to show for it.Rather than eating banana before every meal, the Morning Banana.Eating whatever you like at lunch, dinner, and snacks is no recipe for weight loss.The Morning Banana Diet - Check out the Morning Banana Diet, a very popular diet among Japanese, that is based basically on having only bananas for breakfast. Learn.As for eating the banana, itself, I wonder if any type of fruit would work.

They say you can eat anything you want for the other two meals, just banana and water in the morning.Dinner is supposed to be by 8 p.m., and by 6 p.m. if possible.I agree the morning banana diet is not really suitable for westerners.

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